Integrated supply of industrial tools and technological accessories. Production consulting.

Central Office
Nizhny Novgorod

Regional branches:
Saint Petersburg
Naberezhnye Chelny
over 80 employees
Valuable staff is our key resource. In our business a reliable united team of professionals is inevitable for moving forward. Our company warehouses and central office are situated in Nizhny Novgorod, but for our partners convenience we also have representatives in many cities of Russia.
over 1000 customers
Our customers are our partners. We are doing great things together. And great things are known to consist of little parts, details, theories, practices and processes. Understanding tools is our job. Something that we are good at and what we do every day. Leading companies are choosing us as a reliable tools supplier and an expert in the sphere of technical re-equipping.
over 12 years
Over 12 years we have been optimizing and starting-up new technological processes in manufacturing, we have been supplying tools and accessories from major world producers for the purpose of solving your production tasks. We have deeply studied Russian metal finishing industry, we have learned experience from our foreign colleagues and as a result we have worked out an approach taking into account peculiarities of each customer.
Basis for Development
Business success depends on making clear well-considered decisions.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create effective conditions for your business work. We carry out upgrading, optimization and start-up of new technological processes of products manufacturing. We supply your company with the necessary tools and accessories. We guarantee constant consulting and technical support both for technological solutions implemented and for tools and equipment being used.

Our Values

Professionalism, experience and solidarity are not just words for us. They represent commitment to a common goal and they have always been the basis for our company. We do our best to quickly provide you with suitable reliable advanced and qualitative products.


Our mission is improvement and modernization of production on the territory of Russia. This is represented by a simple formula “Minimum-Mximum” – achieving maximum result by using minimum quantity of resources.
Resource Saving Technology
A correctly chosen strategy of company
transformation, aimed at creating your business
prevalence over competitors.

We save time

by implementing new and by optimizing current technological processes of a company.

We lower self-cost

by implementing updated technologies in tools production.

We provide for efficiency

of production lines by applying integrated approach to technical processes optimization
Reputation Based on Successful Experience
Leading companies are choosing us as a reliable equipment and accessories supplier and as an expert in the sphere of technical re-equipping.