Advanced tools production equipped with modern machinery guarantees control of each operation

Hard-allow axis metal cutting tool that is produced within import substitution program
02Special Tools
Special Tools are produced to make surfaces of complex shape and to reduce the number of transfers between operations to guarantee a continuous production process
03Complex tools restoring
It guarantees restoring of initial productivity and performance characteristics thanks to restoring original geometry and coating Quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2015 standard

Quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2

Semi-Manual cut off machine CHIA LERN
Dies cutting into rods
Dressing machine FARMAN
Abrasive wheel trueing
CNC grinding machines ANCA MX-5
Production, re-grinding, grinding of end-cutting tools
The universal measuring machine ZOLLER genius 3
Production quality control
Own Production
Investments into development of employees and technologies, innovations implementation and complex approach lead to optimization of your production. Our experience in production enables us to confidently look to the future of our country
Performance examination on every stage.
A distinct advantage of our production is a control of each tool production operation.
We cooperate with global suppliers of technologies.
Dies for tools production are provided by ZCC CT company. Coating is performed by Oelikon.
Import Substitution
Production facilities are situated on the territory of Russian Federation.
Thanks to our experience we produce tools equal to imported analogues in their characteristics.